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How do I use Curcuma?

Easiest - mix a teaspoon of Curcuma in water or a suitable drink, stir and take it as a shot after breakfast.

Delicious - mix a teaspoon in warm skim milk, really good in oat milk, and vips and you have a yummy GOLD MILK!

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What does Curcuma contain?

"Since I train Crossfit 4-5 times a week, it is important for me that my body plays with. I have had long-term problems with inflammation in the wrists that prevented me from being able to do heavy lifting and stand on my hands. Now that I take Curcuma daily, I can perform as I want to. "

Emma Berglund

"I stay healthier and use Curcuma because I want to give my body a natural support in my sports and stressful everyday life"

Martin Nordstrand

"I am already hooked, my osteoarthritis knee feels significantly better. Can now for the first time in a long time play padel without taking painkillers."

Daniel Larsson

"I am pleasantly surprised. I have some inflammation in some joints and already after a little over a week of use I feel that it is better."

Marie Nilsson

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